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Drone delivery for yachts

  • How does drone delivery for yachts work?

    Delivery by drone works just like a traditional delivery. You simply select the products you want on the marketplace, confirm the order and wait for the delivery.

  • Is delivery by air secure?

    Thanks to the quality of our Beluga drones, we are able to offer express and secure delivery to our customers. Indeed, we have selected the most secure drones on the market to deliver luxury products, whether they are from prestigious brands or from local shops.

    Beluga drones contain complex technology. They are equipped with radar to effectively track yachts and a GPS chip. Combined with their aerodynamic shape, these advantages give them speed, safety and strength.

    In addition to being fast and safe, our drones are not harmful to their environment: they have a low carbon footprint and produce almost no noise pollution (up to 9 times less than other drones).

  • What types of delivery can Drones for Yachts handle?

    ✓ Medicine delivery: our drones allow us to deliver fragile products to your ship at any time, day or night, especially in case of urgent need.

    ✓ Delivery of spare parts for your boat: you need a spare part to repair something? No need to return to the port!

    ✓ Birthday delivery: local partner merchants can send you the gifts and food you need to throw an unforgettable party.

    ✓ Grocery delivery and meal delivery: need to do some shopping? Want to order your meal but can't get to land? You can have your groceries delivered at sea!

    ✓ Drinks delivery: want to keep the party going but have run out of your favorite drink? Our drones bring it to you in 15 minutes!

Beluga drones

  • What do you need to know about beluga delivery drones?

    Beluga drones are the most advanced drones on the market for delivering products. They are the result of 3 years of research conducted by Eurolink Systems, a defense electronics company.

    They are fast drones able to fly at up to 110 km/h. But they are also durable drones that can fly 40km in one flight and can endure the most diverse weather conditions.

  • Why did we choose a professional drone like the beluga drones?

    We have chosen a professional drone optimized for delivery to ensure parcels are sent securely in every possible condition.

    For example, the beluga drone's Lidar system allows us to improve the accuracy of deliveries at sea. It allows drones to detect ships and estimate the distance using light.

    Moreover, beluga drones allow us to offer a modern delivery service. Indeed, they have a GPS chip that allows customers to track the delivery, which is necessary to enjoy a smooth delivery experience. Thanks to this chip, you can track your delivery to your yacht in real time, and plan when the package will arrive in order to be ready to receive it.

    Our engineers are involved in the development of the next Beluga drones with a greater delivery capacity and even greater distances to cover.

Delivery hubs

  • Why use delivery hubs?

    Our delivery hubs have a central role in optimizing the transport chain in our logistics operations.

    The Drones for Yachts hub is where our logisticians place products collected from the stores and organize the order delivery by a Beluga drone.

    Once loaded, our pilots take over the products in the drones, and deliver them to your yacht.

  • Why have a delivery hub in your marina?

    Our delivery hubs have been designed for marinas. They are made to blend in your environment.

    By having a delivery hub in your port, you are providing an additional service that will appeal to international customers and bring new prestigious clients.

The Drones For Yachts marketplace

  • How to access the marketplace?

    If your yacht is present in one of our partner marinas, you will be able to access it with the application or directly on the web.

  • How to make an order on the Drones For Yachts marketplace?

    1. Connect to the Drones for Yachts Marketplace with the app.
    2. Choose your location to be linked to a delivery zone.
    3. Choose your products and validate your order on the application.
    4. Wait for the delivery of your package quietly!

  • How to offer your products on the Drones For Yachts marketplace?

    Do you want to develop an additional sales channel? Thanks to our drones, your products can reach areas that you could not cover until now.

    Contact us with the contact form so that we can start a partnership. Once it’s confirmed, you can deliver orders directly to the boats and develop your customer base.

The Drones For Yachts company

  • Why a drone delivery service?

    At a time when quick commerce is expanding, last mile delivery has yet to benefit the yachting economy. Delivering a product at sea is still time consuming and has a significant environmental impact, both in terms of noise pollution and the marine ecosystem. In addition, the need to get to the shore makes the work of the crew tiring.

    Our aim is to transform the way yachtsmen and their crews receive their orders by democratizing the use of drones. Indeed, drone delivery is the only way to ensure fast, secure and environmentally friendly delivery. It allows customers to be delivered to any location seamlessly.

  • What is the ambition of Drones For Yachts?

    Our ambition is to be the first drone logistics service in the Mediterranean Sea. Our goal is to be able to deliver packages in France, but also in Italy and Spain and even across the Mediterranean Sea.

    We want Drones for Yachts to be more than a transport company. We want to build a new delivery experience that nobody imagined yet. We want to offer a new luxury service that anticipates and meets the expectations of prestigious consumers attached to the quality of service and the environmental impact of deliveries.

  • How do we reach the leading role in yacht delivery?

    We have selected the best drones on the market to reach the top: electric and silent drones that are environmentally friendly, but powerful and fast enough to provide express deliveries in the open sea.

    These drones allow us to play a leading role in connecting marinas and ports with yachts, while offering a luxury and environmentally friendly service.